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Biography Part 1 - Growing up in Jamaica

Norman Washington Manley was born on 4 July 1893 in Roxborough, Manchester parish. He was the son of two mixed race parents, Thomas Albert Samuel Manley and Margaret Ann Shearer, his lineage includes both Irish and African ancestors. Manley was the cousin of another one of Jamaica's national heroes, Alexander Bustamante.

Manley received an excellent education, being educated at Beckford and Smith High School in St. Catherine (now named St Jago High School), Wolmers school and Jamaica College. Norman Manley remained at Jamaica College to teach for several months after graduating but in 1914 he was awarded the Rhodes Scholarship to study law at Jesus College at Oxford University in England.

In addition to his academic achievements, Norman Manley was also a gifted athlete. His best known sporting achievement was being the long term record holder of the 100 meters, however, he also boxed, played cricket and football.

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