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Sean Paul (full name, Sean Paul Ryan Frances Henriques) was born in Kingston, Jamaica on 8 January 1973. Sean Paul is a living embodiment of Jamaica's motto "Out of many one people", with one grandparent from Portugal, one from China, one from Africa and one Sephardic Jewish.

Paul grew up in uptown Kingston, and attended the prestigious Wolmers Boys School and Hillel Academy in Kingston and the Belair School in Mandeville. He then went on to study hotel management at the University of Technology (UTECH) in Kingston.

Sean Paul is also a gifted athlete, having represented Jamaica at an international level at swimming and water polo.

After graduating from university he took a job as a chef then went on to work in a bank. Despite his strong academic and athletic record, Sean Paul's love of dancehall proved to be irresistible and he chose to pursue a career in music. Paul attracted attention to his vocal abilities by rapping at local parties and barbeques. He became friends with members of Third World and also fell under the tutorage of Don Yute.

In 1997, Sean Paul recorded "Ladies Man" with "Spanner Banner". This release attracted the attention of producer Jeremy Harding, with whom he recorded the singles "Baby Girl" and "Infiltrate". Sean Paul hooked up with Don Yute, Mossy Kid and Luger Man to form the "Dutty Cup Crew". He released many singles in Jamaica, both on his own and as part of the Dutty Cup Crew, working with many producers.

Sean Paul's international profile rose significantly in 1999 when he teamed up with Mr Vegas and DMX to record "Here Comes the Boom" for the film Belly. In 1999 he also recorded "Hot Gal Today" with Mr Vegas. This single was very well received in Jamaica and overseas and was included on the soundtrack to Shaft.

In the year 2000, Sean Paul released Stage One. This is a compilation of his early singles and recordings which had been included on multi-artist compilations along with some new material. Two years later Dutty Rock was released. The singles "Gimme the Light" and "Get Busy" were hugely successful, taking Dutty Rock to multi platinum status.

Hot on the heels of the success of Dutty Rock, Sean Paul became THE artist to collaborate with. In 2003, he sung on "Baby Boy" with Beyonce Knowles and "Breath" with Blu Cantrell, both tracks being hugely successful in America and Europe. Further singles were taken from Dutty Rock in 2003 (Like Glue and I'm Still in Love With You) and by the end of the year, the album was re-released with a more internationally minded tracklist.

September 2005 saw the release of Sean Paul's third album, The Trinity, featuring the hit singles "We Be Burnin'", "Ever Blazin'", "Never Gonna Be The Same" and "Temperature". A fourth album is expected to be released in 2006.

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