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Album Cover - Sean Paul - Dutty Rock

Dutty Rock propelled Sean Paul to international stardom following its release in 2002.

Many tracks on Dutty Rock were big hits all over the world. Indeed, 2002 and 2003 were years when Sean Paul could do no wrong with big singles from this album (Gimme the Light, Get Busy, Like Glue and I’m Still in Love With You) leading the way to many high profile duets with the likes of Beyonce Knowles and Blu Cantrel.

Following the chart success in these years, Sean Paul became a big player in the field of Dancehall, Reggae and Hip Hop.

Dutty Rock uses a wide variety of riddim tracks. From the Diwali riddim used on Get Busy to the high-tempo Indian beats featured on Shout to the "Uptown Top Ranking" riddim which underlies both "International Affair" and "I’m Still in Love With You" (the latter of these tracks being a cover version of the classic song by Alton Ellis).

Dutty Rock sees Sean Paul collaborating with a wide range of artists, including Jamaican singers Cecile and Sasha, American rapper Buster Rhymes and legendary producers, The Neptunes.

Like Stage One, the songs on the original release of Dutty Rock also interspersed with several comedic "skits".



  1  Dutty Rock Intro
  2  Shout (Street Respect)
  3  Gimme The Light
  4  Like Glue
  5  Get Busy
  6  Baby Boy (featuring Beyoncé)
  7  Top Of The Game (featuring Rahzel)
  8  Ganja Breed (featuring Chico)
  9  Concrete
10  I'm Still In Love With You (featuring Sasha)
11  International Affair (featuring Debbie Nova)
12  Can You Do The Work (featuring Ce'cile)
13  Punkie
14  My Name
15  Jukin' Punny
16  Gimme The Light (Pass the dro-voisier remix) (feat. Busta Rhymes)
17  Bubble (featuring Farenheit)
18  Shake That Thing
19  Esa Loca (featuring Tony Touch & R.O.B.B.)
20  Punkie (Espanol)


Tracklisting - 2003 reissue

Following Sean Paul's success in the singles market, Dutty Rock was re-released in 2003 with a revised tracklisting, aimed at the international market. The Skits were removed, along with "It's On". "Baby Boy" - Sean Paul's duet with Beyonce Knowles was added.

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