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Album Cover - Bob Marley and the Wailers - The Complete Upsetter Collection

This set claims to be a fully comprehensive collection of the music Bob Marley recorded with Lee "Scratch" Perry before signing to Island records. Given this is a collection of 110 tracks this claim is pretty easy to believe. These tracks were all recorded between 1967 and 1972, a time when reggae and dub music was developing as a genre and Lee "Scratch" Perry was one of the main contributors to this emerging sound.

This collection features alternative versions, instrumentals and dubs of the tracks Marley recorded with Perry in addition to the "final" released versions. As you can see from the tracklisting below the listener is treated to five or six versions of some tracks. Many of the instrumental tracks are credited to "The Upsetters" - Lee "Scratch" Perry's house band.

Many of the tracks in this compilation were re-recorded when the Wailers (and later, "Bob Marley and the Wailers") were signed to Island Records. It is interesting to hear how the sound of the tracks has changed since they were originally recorded. The songs from this era of Marley's have an audible rawness and rebel spirit to them (in no small part due to Peter Tosh's presence) which makes some of these recordings favourites among Wailers purists. As to be expected, the sound quality of this compilation is not up to the high standards of a world class recording studio, however, the tracks do have an energy and vitality that no high-tech recording equipment could emulate.



Disc One

  1  Soul Rebel - Bob Marley
  2  Soul Rebel [Version 4] - The Upsetters
  3  Soul Rebel [Alternate Version] - Bob Marley
  4  Soul Rebel [Dub Version] - The Upsetters
  5  Run for Cover - Bob Marley
  6  Try Me - Bob Marley
  7  Try Me [Dub Version] - The Upsetters
  8  It's Alright - Bob Marley
  9  It's Alright [Dub Version] - The Upsetters
10  It's Alright [Alternate Version] - Bob Marley
11  No Sympathy - Bob Marley
12  No Sympathy [Dub Version] - The Upsetters
13  My Cup - Bob Marley
14  Version of Cup - The Upsetters
15  Rebel's Hop - Bob Marley
16  Rebel's Hop [Dub Version] - The Upsetters
17  Corner Stone - Bob Marley
18  Corner Stone [Dub Version] - The Upsetters
19  Jah Is Mighty [Corner Stone Version2] - Bob Marley

Disc Two

  1  400 Years - Bob Marley
  2  400 Years [Dub Version] - The Upsetters
  3  No Water - Bob Marley
  4  No Water [Dub Version] - The Upsetters
  5  Reaction - Bob Marley
  6  Reaction [Dub Version] - The Upsetters
  7  Soul Almighty - Bob Marley
  8  Soul Almighty [Dub Version] - The Upsetters
  9  Shocks of Mighty, Pt. 1 - Bob Marley, Lee "Scratch" Perry
10  Shocks of Mighty, Pt. 2 - Bob Marley
11  Shocks of Mighty [Dub Version] - The Upsetters
12  True Love - Bob Marley
13  Cloud Nine - Bob Marley
14  Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying [Dub Version] - Dave Barker, Bob Marley
15  Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying [Dub Version] - The Upsetters
16  Duppy Conqueror - Bob Marley
17  Duppy Conqueror [Version 4] - The Upsetters
18  Upsetting Station - Dave Barker, The Upsetters
19  Duppy Conqueror [Alternate Mix] - Bob Marley

Disc Three

  1  Mr. Brown - Bob Marley
  2  Mr. Brown [Dub Version] - The Upsetters
  3  Small Axe - Bob Marley
  4  More Axe - Bob Marley & the Wailers
  5  Battle Axe - The Upsetters
  6  Shocks 71 - Charlie Ace, Dave Barker, The Upsetters
  7  More Axe - Bob Marley
  8  Axe Man - The Upsetters
  9  Picture on the Wall - Bob Marley
10  Picture on the Wall [Version 3] - The Upsetters
11  Dreamland - Bunny Livingston, The Wailers
12  Dreamland [Instrumental] - The Upsetters, Winston Wright
13  Dreamland - The Upsetters
14  Dreamland [Version 2] - Bunny Livingston, The Wailers
15  All in One Medley: (Bend Down Low/Nice Time/One Love/Simmer Down/It Hur - Bob Marley
16  All in One (Pt. 2): Love & Affection/Put It on/Duppy Conqueror - Bob Marley
17  Copasetic [Meldey-Dub Version]: Bend Me Low/Nice Time/One Love/Simmer D - The Upsetters
18  Downpresser - Peter Tosh, The Wailers
19  Downpresser [Dub Version] - The Upsetters

Disc Four

  1  Long Long Winter - Bob Marley
  2  Long Long Winter [Dub Version] - The Upsetters
  3  Love Light - Bob Marley
  4  Love Light [Dub] - The Upsetters
  5  Love Light [Alternate Version] - Bob Marley
  6  Send Me That Love - Bob Marley
  7  What Confusion - Dave Barker, Bunny Wailer
  8  Man to Man - Bob Marley
  9  Man to Man [Dub Version] - The Upsetters
10  Keep on Movin' - Bob Marley
11  Keep on Moving [Dub Version] - The Upsetters
12  Keep on Moving [Moving Version] - Big Youth, The Upsetters
13  Keep on Moving [Alternate Version] - Bob Marley, The Upsetters
14  Don't Rock My Boat - Bob Marley, The Upsetters
15  Don't Rock My Boat [Dub Version] - The Upsetters
16  Don't Rock My Boat [Alternate Mix] - Bob Marley, The Upsetters
17  Like It Like This (Don't Rock My Boat) - The Upsetters
18  Don't Rock My Boat [Alternate Mix] - Bob Marley, The Upsetters

Disc Five

  1  Put It On - Bob Marley
  2  Put It On [Dub Version] - The Upsetters
  3  Fussin' and Fightin' - Bob Marley
  4  Fussing & Fighting [Dub Version] - The Upsetters
  5  Memphis - Peter Tosh, The Upsetters
  6  Memphis [Dub Version] - The Upsetters
  7  Riding High - Bob Marley
  8  Riding High [Dub Version] - The Upsetters
  9  Kaya - Bob Marley
10  Kaya [Dub Version] - The Upsetters
11  Turn Me Loose - Bob Marley
12  African Herbsman - Bob Marley
13  African Herbsman [Dub Version] - The Upsetters
14  Stand Alone - Bob Marley
15  Stand Alone [Dub Version] - The Upsetters
16  Sun Is Shining - Bob Marley
17  Sun Is Shining [Dub Version] - The Upsetters

Disc Six

  1  Brain Washing - Bob Marley
  2  Brain Washing [Dub Version] - The Upsetters
  3  Brand New Second Hand - Peter Tosh, The Wailers
  4  Brand New Second Hand [Dub Version] - The Upsetters
  5  Brand New Second Hand [Alternate Version] - Peter Tosh, The Wailers
  6  Concrete Jungle - Bob Marley
  7  Concrete Jungle [Dub Version] - The Upsetters
  8  Rainbow Country - Bob Marley
  9  Rainbow Country [Dub Version] - The Upsetters
10  Satisfy My Soul - Bob Marley
11  Satisfy My Soul [Dub Version] - The Upsetters
12  Keep on Skanking - Bob Marley
13  Natural Mystic - Bob Marley
14  Natural Mystic [Dub Version] - The Upsetters
15  I Know a Place - Bob Marley
16  I Know a Place [Dub Version] - The Upsetters
17  Who Colt the Game - Bob Marley
18  Who Colt the Game [Dub Version] - The Upsetters


Albums put together from these sessions

Two albums were put together from these sessions, Soul Rebels which was released in 1970 and Soul Revolution which was released in 1971. An instrumental version of Soul Revolution (named Soul Revolution Part II) was also released in 1971.

Album Cover - Bob Marley and the Wailers - Soul Rebels      Album Cover - Bob Marley and the Wailers - Soul Revolution Part I      Album Cover - Bob Marley and the Wailers - Soul Revolution - Parts I and II


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