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Old Tavern Coffee Estate

Old Tavern Coffee Estate, The Blue Mountains  

Old Tavern Coffee Estate, The Blue Mountains Old Tavern Coffee Estate - The Blue Mountains
Tel: (1 876) 924 2785

The Old Tavern Coffee Estate, like all coffee estates in Jamaica's Blue Mountain region, produces world renowned, critically acclaimed, gourmet coffee. What sets the Old Tavern Coffee Estate apart from other growers in the Blue Mountains is the fact that it is the only "single estate" coffee, that is, the coffee is grown, processed, packed and marketed by the same family-run business.

The Old Tavern Coffee Estate is perched on the north side of the Blue Mountains at an altitude of 4,000ft. At this location, the estate benefits from near-permanent foggy conditions, allowing coffee beans to ripen at a slow pace and result in more flavourful coffee. The Old Tavern Coffee Estate is run in the most organic way possible, with by-products of the farm being used for fertiliser rather than chemicals wherever possible. Most of the work is carried out by hand in small batches and beans are roasted in the owners' kitchen.

Peaberry Beans

A particular speciality of the Old Tavern Coffee Estate is the peaberry bean. Peaberries are unusual coffee beans where only one of the two beans in the cherry fertilise, leaving a single round bean inside. Coffee made from peaberry beans are sought after by coffee connoisseurs around the world. At the Old Tavern Coffee Estate these beans are individually picked out from the crop to be bagged and sold separately.


The estate was established by Alex and Dorothy Twyman. Alex moved to Jamaica from the East-End of London in 1958, 10 years later the Twymans established the estate. However, if took a long time for their "single-estate" approach of producing coffee to gain approval from the Coffee Industry Board which generally requires coffee growers to sell their product to licensed processors. In 1997 the Twymans won their battle with the Coffee Industry Board and are now able to sell their premium single estate coffee. Since Alex Twyman's death, the Old Tavern Coffee Estate has been run by Dorothy in the Blue Mountains with their son, David, taking care of the business side of the operations in Kingston.


Tours of the estate can be arranged by appointment, however, since this is a working coffee plantation it is essential for this to be arranged in advance. Tours usually include a view of the coffee plantation, roasting equipment and a leisurely chat (over fresh brewed coffee) with Dorothy Twyman. There is no fee for the tour and no pressure to buy coffee, however, after tasting the world renowned brew and seeing its origins you will certainly want to take home a couple of bags.

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Old Tavern Coffee Estate, The Blue Mountains Old Tavern Coffee Estate, The Blue Mountains stripe

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