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Blue Mountain Peak

Blue Mountain Peak, The Blue Mountains  

Blue Mountain Peak, The Blue Mountains Blue Mountain Peak - The Blue Mountains

If you're looking for a challenge then hiking to Blue Mountain Peak provides a great opportunity. At 2,256 meters (7,204 feet) above sea level, Blue Mountain Peak is the highest point in the Caribbean. The path to the top is well laid out and no special equipment is needed, the main requirement is that you have the stamina to hike all the way to the top (this may take three to six hours, depending on your level of fitness and the weather conditions on the day).

The path to the top is surrounded by beautiful scenery and you'll find yourself frequently stopping to admire the view. Once you reach the top you'll be treated to a view of most of Jamaica (on a clear day) and maybe a glimpse of Cuba (on a very clear day).

Your experience will be very different depending on what time of day you set off. Most hikers set off at 2am and climb to the top using flash lights in order to reach the peak in time for sunrise. On a clear day the sight of the sun rising over Jamaica is magnificent and truly justifies the climb. It is important to bear in mind that weather conditions can not be guaranteed and your sunrise may be heavily obscured by clouds. For this reason many hikers prefer to set off during the day. This way they can enjoy the scenery on the ascent and also avoid a very early start!

Whilst the route is easy to follow it would be advisable to hike with somebody who knows the route, the staff at Whitfield Hall or nearby Mavis Bank should be able to put you in touch with a guide.

Route to the top - A brief guide to the places you'll pass on the trail to Blue Mountain Peak.
What to bring - Tips about what to pack for your trek up Blue Mountain Peak.

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