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Morant Bay

Morant Bay Court House, Morant Bay, St. Thomas   
Morant Bay Monument, Morant Bay, St. Thomas Morant Bay - St. Thomas, main south coast road (about 25 miles east of Kingston)

The small town of Morant Bay is the capital of St Thomas Parish. The town boasts several historic sights, if you are travelling around the area then Morant Bay is well worth a visit.

The town is the sight of the historic Morant Bay Rebellion, where Paul Bogle led a march from Stony Gut to Morant Bay to protest about the harsh conditions that poor Jamaicans were subjected to. The march was met with a violent reception and in the ensuing battle several militia men and many protesters were killed. Many more protesters (including Bogle) were subsequently executed for their roles in the rebellion.

The Morant Bay Court House

It was outside the court house that the famous rebellion took place. The court house was destroyed during the rebellion but was rebuilt afterwards. The court house was destroyed again by a fire in 2007, it has not yet been rebuilt.

Outside the court house stands a statue of Paul Bogle, sculpted by Edna Manley (wife of Norman Manley and mother of Michael Manley).

St. Thomas Parish Church, Morant Bay, St. Thomas St Thomas Parish Church

In the centre of town, to the West of the court house is the St Thomas Parish church. This was constructed in 1865 (there is a brick on one of the walls bearing the number 1865). The St Thomas Parish Church superseded another church which previously occupied this site.

Memorial Garden

Opposite the court house is a memorial garden for the Jamaican soldiers who lost their lives during World War 1. At the centre of the gardens a monument has been erected in their honour.

Morant Bay Fort

Behind the court house is a small park containing the ruins of the Morant Bay Fort. The fort dates from 1758 and was designed to hold nine guns. Three cannons remain there today. The bodies of 79 people were discovered during an excavation behind the court house in 1973. These were reinterred in a mass grave in the park, a plaque commemorates their lives.

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Morant Bay Fort, Morant Bay, St. Thomas stripe

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