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YS Falls

YS Falls, St. Elizabeth  

YS Falls, St. Elizabeth YS Falls - St. Elizabeth
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For a spectacle of pure natural beauty it's difficult to beat YS falls in St. Elizabeth Parish.

The falls

Unlike many waterfalls in Jamaica, YS Falls is tucked away in a secluded rural location and receives relatively few visitors, allowing you to relax and enjoy the surroundings, away from the hubbub of the crowds. The YS Estate is located deep in the sugar growing region of St. Elizabeth Parish. Once you arrive at the estate a tractor-pulled jitney will take you to the waterfalls.

The YS Falls are 120 foot tall and cascade over seven levels. Steps have been built up the side of the falls so visitors can view the falls without getting wet. If you'd prefer a more interactive experience there are natural pools at the bottom of each level of the falls, lifeguards on the site will let you know which pools are safe to swim in. One pool features a rope swing where you can swing "tarzan-style" in to the water below. For a more relaxing swim there is also a 4 foot deep pool at the bottom of the falls which is fed by natural springs.

Activities at YS Falls

A recent addition to YS Falls is a canopy zipline tour which lets visitors "fly" 40 feet above the waterfall. The professional team of guides ensure that you are safely strapped in.

River tubing rides are also available, allowing you to enjoy the serenity of floating down the river surrounded by the lush jungle towering overhead.

YS Falls, St. Elizabeth Other facilities

There is also a gift shop, bathrooms, restaurant, changing facilities and a children's play area.

History of YS Falls

The YS estate dates back to the 17th century. There are two theories as to how the estate got its name, one is that the estates first two owners were named John Yates and Colonel Richard Scott, by combining the initials of their surnames they came up with the name "YS Estate". Another theory is that the name derives from the Gaelic word "wyess", meaning "winding".

The YS Estate originally grew sugar cane and logwood (a component in the manufacture of dyes) for export to Europe. In 1950 the owner of the estate branched out in to the breeding of thoroughbred racehorses and cattle.

In 1990 the estate opened to the public as a tourist attraction. Since opening the falls visitor numbers have been monitored and limited to prevent the falls becoming damaged through too much foot traffic.

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YS Falls, St. Elizabeth YS Falls, St. Elizabeth stripe

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