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Old Harbour

Old Harbour, St. Catherine Parish  

Old Harbour, St. Catherine Parish Old Harbour, St Catherine

Old Harbour is a mainly residential town in the South-West corner of St Catherine Parish, close to the border of Clarendon. The main feature of interest in the town is the clock tower in the centre (at the roundabout where the two main roads meet). The iron cock tower was installed by the English in the 17th century (soon after colonising Jamaica) and has kept the correct time ever since!

Just outside of Old Harbour (two miles to the East) is an attractive stone and brick church - St Dorothy's Anglican church. St Dorothy's was the name of the former parish where Old Harbour is now located.

Confusingly, Old Harbour does not have a harbour and is not even located on the coast. It is, however, close to the seaside town of Old Harbour Bay, the biggest fish market on the south coast of Jamaica. From Old Harbour Bay you can see the "Goat Islands" - these were used as an American naval base during World War 2.

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Old Harbour, St. Catherine Parish Old Harbour, St. Catherine Parish stripe

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