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Bamboo Rafting on the Rio Grande

Rafting on the Rio Grande, Portland  

Food stop at Belinda's, Rio Grande, Portland Rio Grande Tours Ltd - Port Antonio
Tel: 1 876 913 5434

Rio Grande is the birthplace of river rafting in Jamaica. The original use of these rafts was to transport bananas from the inland plantations to the harbour at Port Antonio. The pursuit was popularised by Errol Flynn who used to challenge his guests to moonlight rafting races along the Rio Grande.

Rio Grande Tours run rafting trips on the Rio Grande. The slow trip down the Rio Grande starts at either Berrydale or Grants Level and ends at Rafters Rest on the coast. The ride takes about two to three hours, depending on your entry point, speed of the river and strength of your boatman. If you have a car your have the choice of leaving your car at Rafters Rest then taking a taxi to your entry point or driving up to your entry point and allowing a member of staff to drive your car to Rafters Rest and wait for you.

As an alternative to booking a trip through Rio Grande Tours, it is possible to hire the services of one of the rafters waiting at the bridge by Rafters Rest. However, it should be stressed that such trips are carried out at your own risk.

Preparing the rafts for departure, Rio Grande, Portland Each raft can carry two adults and a child (and the boatman).

Several vendors are positioned on the route, selling a range of drinks. If you're feeling hungry then ask your boatman to stop at Belinda's Riverside Canteen.

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