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Rick's Cafe, Negril

- The number one party destination on the Island. Popular with tourists and Jamaican yout' alike

The great house at Devon House

- Jamaica's capital city. A comercial hub, buzzing with urban life

Ken Jones Harbour, Port Antonio

Port Antonio
- A picturesque Caribbean town surrounded by beautiful beaches and quaint resorts. THE place to relax in style

Doctor's Cave Beach, Montego Bay

Montego Bay
- The second city. A beach-side resort in its own right and a gateway to other north coast resorts

Sea view from a hotel in Ocho Rios

Ocho Rios
- Beaches, Waterfalls, Shops, Bars and Hotels. One of the biggest tourist destinations on the Island

Destinations in Full

Select a parish to explore

Portland Parish                St. Mary Parish
Portland                                           St. Mary

St. Ann Parish                Trelawny Parish
St. Ann                                            Trelawny

St. James Parish                Hanover Parish 
St. James                                         Hanover

Westmoreland Parish                St. Elizabeth Parish
Westmoreland                                  St. Elizabeth

Manchester Parish                Clarendon Parish
Manchester                                      Clarendon

St. Catherine Parish                The corporate area of Kingston and St. Andrew 
St. Catherine                                    Kingston

St. Thomas Parish               
St. Thomas

The Blue Mountains (The Blue Mountain range is spreads over the parishes of St. Andrew, St Mary, Portland and St. Thomas. For convenience the entire Blue Mountain range has been given its own section on this site)

Map of Jamaica Map of Jamaica

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Montego Bay
Ocho Rios
Port Antonio
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