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Outameni Experience

Outameni Experience   
Outameni Experience - Close to Falmouth, Trelawny
Tel: ( 1 876 ) 954-4035

Outameni Experience

The Outameni Experience is a must-see attraction for those wanting to experience the culture and history of Jamaica. The interactive experience transports guests through the history of Jamaica, from the Taino Indian origins through the plantation era to the modern day. Outameni is a Taino word meaning "Come Together", it is also very similar to the Jamaican national motto "Out of many one people".

On arriving at the Outameni Experience you'll be greeted by Jonkanoo dancers, dancing under a giant representation of Jamaica's coat of arms featuring a Tanio woman and a Rastafarian man.

The experience takes place over six architecturally designed villages, each representing a different set of people that have contributed to building modern day Jamaica. The journey begins in "Di Hut" where your guide or "time traveller" will welcome you and teach you the "follow back-a-me" song.

The first village you visit is that of the Taino Indians where a Taino lady will take a break from grinding cassava to tell you about her life in Jamaica. You will then pass through a Spanish village, English village, African slave ship and Asian village before ending up in a representation of modern day Jamaica.

In each village an authentically costumed actor will tell you about life in his or her era and a video will be shown, some villagers will also demonstrate their traditional dances from Flamenco to Kumina to Dancehall.

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Outameni is built on the former site of the Orange Valley Sugar Estate. Also on the five acre site are the remnants of the old sugar mill, dating from 1793 and the Orange Valley Great House. There is also a garden with labelled examples of Jamaican trees and herbs such as breadfruit, lignum vitae, june plum and fever grass.

Outameni Experience History

The Outameni Experience was in planning for over 10 years. It was originally conceived by Jamaican film producer Lennie Little-White (of Royal Palm Estate fame). He has worked together with respected architects, costume designers and actors to create the experience. Outameni first opened to the public on 30 September 2007.

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